On behalf of the Michelle Gargaro Foundation and Gargaro family, I would first like to wish everyone a very joyous and peaceful holiday season. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who helped support our work this past year of providing support and assistance to the ALS community. You were a huge part of the foundation for giving in the fight against ALS that we established in our first year of fundraising events. Recapping 2022 (actually going back to September 2021) our foundation was able to host our first two events after the covid pandemic passed.

In September of 2021, we hosted an event to kick off our foundation that coincided with the annual ALS walk. Funds raised at that event were used to give the local ALS association chapter $2,500.00 to be put towards research of ALS drugs and treatments. This past June of 2022, the foundation hosted the 1 st Annual Michelle Gargaro Memorial Golf Classic. The event, held at Gopher Hills Golf Course, was attended by over 125 people and raised just over $6,000.00. Those funds were used to make donations to the general fund and caregiver’s program of the local ALS chapter, sponsor seats at the annual ALS Gala, contribute to a fund being used to make a person who is living with ALS house more accessible and sponsor night out breaks for six people who are the sole caregiver for a family member living with ALS.

The foundation also lobbied with the Minnesota state legislature and FDA during 2022, to help achieve two huge impacts with in the ALS community. A major ALS funding bill by the state and the approval by the FDA of the ALS drug AMX0035. Both provide great benefits to those living with ALS.

Our vision for 2023 comes with the goal of continuing to grow our fundraising events and to continue to be a resource, bringing awareness of the news and issues that impact the ALS community to people on our website. Our golf event will be held on June 9, 2023 and we are planning an event to coincide with the annual ALS walk in the fall of 2023. Other events and ways that we can provide support to the ALS community are always being discussed, so make sure to check our website for the latest information.