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Big News: Approval of AMX0035 by FDA Advisory Committee

The FDA advisory committee recently approved the use of AMX0035 for the treatment of ALS. Presented with the robustness of new evidence, the committee reversed their March 2022 vote overwhelming by a 7-2 vote. The ALS Association has publicly thanked both the FDA advisory committee and the entire ALS community for their hard work and advocacy. Read Full Article

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Foundation Looks to Support Efforts to Approve AMX0035

AMX0035, developed by Amylyx Pharma out of Cambridge, is the first ALS treatment to come out of FDA Phase II trials that has been shown to slow or halt the progression of ALS as well as passing other criteria such as efficacy and limited side effects.  The Michelle Gargaro Foundation is committed to providing assistance in any way they can to securing approval of AMX0035 with the FDA.  We have pledged up to $5,000.00 towards the FDA approval of the use of AMX0035 for ALS patients.  Please research AMX0035 on our website, or on the internet and support the effort.  [...]

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Research on Chinese Herbal Prescription for ALS Treatment

Read this article from the National Library of Medicine to learn about a case of ALS patient using modified Dihuang Yinzi (DHYZ), a classical traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) prescription.  This person has survived 12 years with significant improvement in bulbar paralysis.

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